Prevail Fund founders, Deborah Hicks Midanek Bailey and Coley Bailey, knew it wasn’t enough to simply invest in brick and mortar. The revitalization of the Grenada Downtown Historic District would require investment in the future.

The Prevail Fund Scholarship was founded to provide opportunity for talented students to pursue higher education in STEAM subjects. Since forming as a non-profit corporation in 2009, over 300 donors have joined Deborah and Coley on the mission to enable students of little or no means to achieve radical transformations in their lives – thereby helping them to help their community in the achievement of major progress.

The Grenada Community Foundation was created to provide small business owners, investors and community boosters with a place to come together to support and fund a sustainable Downtown Turnaround.

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Prevail Fund Success Stories.

Tabitha Ndung’u

“The feeling of a towel on my skin after my first shower in college was an exquisite first.

I cannot believe I now have a graduate degree thanks to Prevail. ”

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Clara Kim

“I dream of breaking the cycle of poverty and changing women’s fate.”

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Ruben Burke

Ruben Burke arrived in New Orleans in a leaky boat with his mother Ely when he was 6 years old.

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Johan Kim

Johan Chan grew up in a place where watching for old land mines is still a daily necessity.

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Learn more about the history, mission and structure of the Prevail Fund.

Read a letter from Deborah Hicks Midanek Bailey, Prevail Fund founder

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